Adventure Holidays

Types of Adventure Holidays

Summer Holidays
Fill your summer with an action-packed adventure and make the most of the world's gorgeous coasts, rugged mountains and lush rural vistas. With an abundance of majestic peaks, beautiful canyons and hidden corners of natural beauty, Europe offers some of the finest opportunities for hiking and biking with an array of beautiful mountain ranges including, the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Dolomites. Alternatively, enjoy getting wet with a water-sports adventure holiday; canyon your way through Switzerland' glacial mountain gorges, surf the waves of South Africa's coast line or slap on a wet suit and scuba amongst the colourful marine life of The Great Barrier Reef.

Winter holidays
Wrap up warm with a winter-activity holiday and experience the delights of a magical, chilly adventure. For a unique winter break, venture off the beaten track and explore exciting European winter destinations such as Finland, Iceland and Sweden, where you can get involved in snowshoeing, igloo building, glacier hiking and dog sledding. For a once in a lifetime adventure, head to the icy realms of Antarctica for the chance to marvel at snowy plains and thick ice sheets as you land on one of the most remote and unpopulated continents on the planet. In Antarctica you'll have the opportunity to spot extraordinary wildlife including penguins, seals, seabirds and whales, and in some cases, the chance to launch a canoe and gain an even closer, elating experience.

Sometimes sightseeing is most exciting when barrelling at speed through amazing landscapes on a mountain bike. With plenty of biking destinations to choose from, Europe's best cycling tracks include the bumpy terrain of the Pyrenees Mountain range, a leisurely pedal through the back lanes of France's stunning countryside or a meandering trail along the coastal tracks of the Algarve. Outside of Europe, you can whizz past llamas as you make your way along the winding tracks of Peru's rural landscapes, go cross-country with Chili's vast stretches of native forests or challenge yourself with Bolivia's notorious 'Death Road' track, with its narrow curves and jaw-dropping cliff edges.

Boat expeditions come in all shapes and sizes, from family-friendly cruises to singles cruises. A yacht voyage to the Galapagos is an excellent way to appreciate the island's astonishing geography and extraordinary creatures that live there. Cruises to the islands allow for passengers to go snorkelling and scuba diving amongst tropical reef fish, sea turtles, stingrays and humpback whales, as well as the chance to hop off and explore the prehistoric landscapes and spot rare land wildlife. For a unique vantage point of one of the most enigmatic rainforests in the world, travel the long-haul journey from Peru to Brazil on board an Amazon River cruise. Not only will you have the chance to sleep beneath the stars on a swinging hammock, but you'll be kept continuously occupied by an array of exotic plants and strange-looking animals en route.