Adventure Destinations

Top Adventure Destinations

Exploring Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Stretching along the Queensland coast, The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most celebrated natural wonders, offering travellers the chance to experience life beneath the waves with a deep sea adventure. Adrenalin junkies flock to Australia's scuba capital, Cairns, to hop aboard a tour vessel and be transported to the outer reef for the chance to swim, scuba and snorkel amongst a colourful network of coral and an abundance of tropical fish. Watch in awe as the creatures of the ocean create a rainbow of colours as you swim in between eighty pound groupers, marvel at clown fish as they defend their nests, spy lurking reef sharks in the distance and glide alongside majestic sea turtles. If you don't fancy submerging yourself deep into the ocean's crevices, there is also the opportunity to view endangered marine life through a glass bottom boat or for the real dare devils, gain a birds-eye view of the gigantic reef with an adrenalin-loaded skydive.

Skiing and Rafting in Canada
Overflowing with adventure at every corner, Canada offers the ultimate adrenalin-loaded destination that is just waiting to be tackled head on. Often regarded as the best snow resort in the world, Vancouver's Whistler Blackcomb offers the chance for skiers and snowboarders to tear up an extensive variety of pistes and trails with a one-of-a-kind scenic gondola ride that connects the twin mountain resorts together. Snow-enthusiast can awaken their adventurous side by mastering their jump turns down challenging runs, racing their way down cross country trails or exhibiting their skills in the enormous Superpipe. If you fancy a break from the slopes, Canada offers visitors the chance to familiarise themselves with their mountainous surroundings with world-class white water rafting. The Banaff region of the Alberta Rockies is renowned for its unruly rapids that generate thrilling water-borne adventures; prepare to grab your oars and hold on tight as you splash your way through the canyon's formidable waves.

Canyoning in Switzerland
The best way to explore Switzerland's dramatic alpine peaks and glacial gorges is by Canyoning your way through the cracks and crevices of Interlaken's rugged landscape. Available only in a few places around the world, Canyoning presents the ultimate multi-activity adventure, enhanced by Interlaken's steep cliffs, jagged rock walls and roaring waterfalls that will guarantee to get your adrenalin pumping. The adventure begins at the top of a mountain with the aim of the game being to reach the bottom using all means necessary; you can expect to find yourself abseiling, sliding, climbing, jumping and diving as you face the challenges and thrills of grappling your way through the canyon. Prepare to have your senses well and truly awakened as you wade through freezing cold mountain streams, slide down slippery rock faces, throw yourself off cliff edges and zip wire across gushing waterfalls.

Extreme Adventures in South Africa
With a spectacular combination of vast open spaces and awe-inspiring landscapes, South Africa is a natural playground of extreme adventures and adrenalin-loaded sports. Cape Town's Table Mountain is a majestic landmark that can only be fully appreciated with a challenging ascent, and once you've reached the mountain's defining plateau and taken in the stunning views of the ocean and the city below, thrill-seekers have the chance to abseil off the mountain side with a jaw-dropping descent. For a unique adventure, try your hand at the South African invention of 'Kloofing' that entails hiking up to a mountain gorge and making your way down stream by leaping over waterfalls and plunging into natural pools. Or perhaps it's the thrill of fear you're looking for, in which case head to the fishing village of Gansbaai to experience a terrifying shark cage diving expedition and watch in horror as Great White's ram up against the cage.